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MedPro Investors - Investment Opportunity:

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MedPro is inviting individual investors to participate in a raise of $.5-1M in advance of Spinol's institutional funding. The product has been clinically validated. We are taking an active role in management of U.S. activities to confidently guide the company to successful approval. Reimbursement has already been paved by a competitor product, establishing an average reimbursement rate of $12,000 for doctor and facility, on a kit that costs $150 to manufacture. 


Preventing disc reherniation - the most common complication and cause of reoperation after discectomy

Spinol, Ltd. has developed the 'OctaSeal' - a novel annular closure device to prevent disc reherniation following limited discectomy. Discectomy is the most common surgery for a herniated disc, yet ~15% of patients who undergo the procedure experience reherniation. This leads to the necessity of either revision surgery, more complex and costly fusion surgery, or patients avoiding surgery altogether.  

Spinol's OctaSeal is a solution to prevent disc material from leaking back out and pressing on the spinal nerve. Following very positive clinical results with a smaller version of the device, the company is preparing for a 20-30 patient PofC in advance of the larger pivotal trial planned for the US. Our MedPro team has spoken to prominent surgeons who have used the only other competing device (Barricaid), and they vastly prefer Spinol's. Spinol's OctaSeal is less invasive and easier for the surgeon to implant. Confidence among these surgeons has led them to personally invest with us as well. Dr. Roger Hartl and MedPro Member Dr. Jonathan Lewin have also recently joined the advisory board. Leading hospitals vying to manage the trials include Cornell and Mayo Clinic. 

The global number of discectomy procedures is approaching 2M and growing. As OctaSeal takes a surgeon only 3 minutes to implant and prevents the necessity of redo surgery, we foresee broad adoption following clearance. Reimbursement coding is in place, and in recognition of its ability to prevent reherniation and reoperation, annular closure has received positive coverage from payors.


The case for investors is appealing. Margins for the device are high. Manufacturing costs of the OctaSeal, made entirely of just 1 material: superelastic, memory shape Nitinol, are a fraction of the cost of the competing multi-material Barricaid.  

Below we have linked a summary deck, along with a short video demonstrating how the OctaSeal works, and how easy it is to insert.

Let us know if we may tell you more about the device and the opportunity.


The MedPro Team

"I have personally trialed the OctaSeal and have found it to be easily applied without any additional bony work or nerve retraction needed. This will allow the surgeon to complete the Discectomy in normal fashion, and within a minute apply the device in the annular defect without additional surgical risk."
- Quote from independent surgeon/investor
WATCH the video


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