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MedPro considers companies from early clinical stage to maturity. We welcome unique opportunities from private or public companies anywhere in the world which have demonstrated some degree of human clinical efficacy. If a company’s technology significantly advances the standard of care, and its valuation is realistic, it may be a strong candidate. Companies considered for investment by MedPro Investors are reviewed by relevant medical specialists.
It is beneficial if, in addition to improving patient outcomes, a new treatment modality also reduces healthcare costs. This is particularly true of capital equipment because hospital budgets are seriously constrained and new equipment purchases must be justified, in part, by reduction in the length of hospital stays as well as the reduction of operating costs. Demonstrating a clear path to securing market acceptance is also pertinent.
Even the most promising technologies fail if a firm's management is unable to execute effectively. Those leading a healthcare company are often presented a complex array of challenges. Executives and their advisors must understand not only the costs and steps required in securing approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies, but also in securing reimbursement from public and private insurers. Planning clinical trials, overseeing product manufacturing, and negotiating appropriate licensing and partnership agreements are but a few of the issues leadership must handle effectively. MedPro considers management's ability to oversee such matters.
Because every company considered by MedPro is first reviewed by relevant specialists knowledgeable of developments in their fields of specialization, there is a greater likelihood decisions to invest will achieve success. Of course the clinical trial process is fraught with risks and early clinical results are likely to predict ultimate success in securing FDA approval less than half of the time. Nonetheless, specialist review and input regarding early clinical results, juried scientific publications discussing the technology and the degree of trial success along with the absence of significant side effects, can significantly increase the chance of investment success. So, too, can the evaluation of relevant market competition, cost of trials and available resources to support the trials, as well as assessing the likelihood of exiting an investment even before a successful final outcome through clinical trials is achieved. For example, how likely is it that positive early clinical results will lead to an acquisition of the company? These are among the most important factors in successful investment decisions. MedPro, through its clear investment focus, seeks to invest wisely in healthcare innovation for the benefit of society and our members. This is the MedPro Mission.
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